Original Prototype by Quincy Lynn Enterprises cir. early 1980's




Last site update: June 14, 2013


 Original Design by:          

 Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC

 Phoenix, Arizona


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                                  General History

       The history of RQ Riley's Tri-Magnum is somewhat a product of what is now popularly called "green technologies", going back many years.  The notion of "green" vehicles is really nothing new, as the culture of mobile Americans became all-too aware of the price of mobility back in the gas crunch of the 1970's.  It has been a few years since I excitedly read Mr. Riley's information on his website, but my recollection is that he was a pretty firm believer that there had to be better and more efficient ways, as well as much more interesting ways for those of us with home-tools in hand, to transport ourselves from point A to point B.  The Tri-Magnum is a bridge of sorts; it connects those of us with interests in building and an eye for unique sporty vehicles to that of more efficient modes of transportation.  


     Tri-Magnum was excitedly front-paged on the now-defunct, home-builder magazine Popular Mechanix (Feb. 1983), and garnished a feature article about a home-built vehicle available for those in their garages with tools who have a desire to tackle such a project.   It was touted as being such a project that the home-builder could perhaps put his/her own ideas to: your choice of drivetrain, and adjustable body sizes.  If you are a taller person, you can design that into your build and remain close to the plans fairly easily.  Today the set of plans cost around $100, and are available through the website listed above.  


     This is a project which requires an understanding, no doubt, of scope and of adaptation to design.  One can not simply follow the plans to a T and expect a good outcome; one must be very creative and perhaps seek input, which makes it more complicated because there is so very little information available for prospective builders and their questions.  


     This leads me to the purpose of this website which is to share information, namely mine, and any others who choose to share.  Upon my initial search for information on the web, I found little that was current or in adequate definition for me to find useful.  My goal is to share my processes, failures and successes in my build, along with high definition pictures as I go, so that others can see what they may be looking for.


     Tri-Magnum, after more than 30 years of its national publishing, remains a very interesting topic for anyone who is lucky to see one, a design I find very appealing even today, and offers the builder inherent uniqueness afforded by its design in buildability.  It is very much a mental project as well as a physical one.


      I hope you find this website useful.  It will be an on-going project and probably slow in coming, but for anyone who finds it useful, I have met my goal.  Please do feel free to contact me, and to share the link to this website with anyone interested in the project process or just for some fun gearhead reading!  


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         General Technical Specs per RQ Riley Plans



-Motorcycle, less front fork assembly

      -700cc or more suggested in plans

      -air-cooled in original prototype

      -water-cooled requires additional design 

       by builder



-Custom-frabricated frame mated to front Type 1

  VW axle



 -Custom fabricated over bulkheads, sized per plans

   or modified by builder per personal requirements.

-Urethane foam base, further sculpted by builder

-Fiberglassed generally on both sides using various

  fiberglassing methods for strength

-Fill and finishing body work



 -Lexan as called for in build plans